Welcome to the Red Sea tourism area of china! 
  • Agricultural culture exhibition hall

    This building is scattered in the traditional residential buildings in Pengxi County, was founded in the late

  • Blue Dragon Temple

    Built in the Qing Dynasty, the site is located in Pengxi County town of huaihua The original temple is the

  • Xiangxi Ge

    Was built in 26 years, the site is located in Dayi County, Chengdu City, is the landlord daughter of Liu W

  • Discussed the cultural corridor

    Good angel is a part of Chinese traditional folk culture The sun moon, mountains and rivers, maintain Xianxi

  • The iron cake
    Peng creek iron cake, is a famous county, suining city, sichuan province, peng brook characteristics snacks, t
  • He Jia Ba grapefruit
    Produced in Pengxi County, the town where the Xiangjiaba, a large, skin rich flavor, color bright, grapefruit top seven radiation channel, its taste is sweet and sour, and slag
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